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From one business woman

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

... to another...

Part of business is not just to open up and look into the world, and invite interested people to wipe off their shoes and take a look back inside, but also to protect what is your own, and to keep control of your property and identity. I am now going to share an authentic letter with you, that I wrote today. Read on...


Dear (name removed),

I am happy to see you like one of my photos. It is warming my heart. Your business is professional and successful, and I am thankful for the extended exposure of my business in all your social media platforms, both yesterday and today; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even more. I am delighted to co-operate with another woman entrepreneur in a joint-marketing campaign like this.

However, the thing is…

You never asked…

May I kindly request you immediately remove all photographs being property and copyright to Irene Brenna / Prinser & Prinsesser from your pages? Any unauthorized use of my photographs is unappreciated and violation of copyright.

From one woman entrepreneur to another; please ask the next time, whether it is me or someone else.

Wish you all the best with your business.

Kind Regards, Irene Brenna

Owner / CEO

Prinser & Prinsesser


About fair use and copyright:​ Instagram about Fair Use (The Four Factors. Applying for the US only).

Instagram about Copyright Thanks for following me on my journey!

Irene Brenna

CEO and Founder

Prinser & Prinsesser

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