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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Time off

The last feel of summer an early autumn morning. The last easing warmth, the last brightness of light and complementary shadowing. A moment of nature’s enchantment, turning into a memory of happiness.

Some days are special. Like this was. They should be taken off. Off the calendar. Off from work. Off from school. Off from kindergartens. Just to be enjoyed – to the fullest. We should live life more often, not just walk through it. Life is hooked up and owned by responsibilities, concerns, and not least - the time, in an endless everydayness.


Is your life, your life?


More freedom should be claimed back. Individual freedom. Too many demands are put on the individual in modern times, consuming creativity, energy, passion, and happiness… actually preventing us from giving our completest.

We should restructure, take time back and go into nature, free ourselves from so many rigid systems and rules, and make things simpler. Effective is stressing. Solutions are making problems. We are building webs catching ourselves, and reducing ourselves to humanoids for the sake of all the systems.We think we are acting smart, but history repeatedly unveils humankind in herd is often choosing unwise. We are following each other, and those who went before us, instead of believing in ourselves. It is time to reflect.


Maybe it is time to break free?


Shouldn’t there be a bigger belief in society in the individual, the individual strength, capabilities, and worth? Shouldn’t there be a bigger trust in individual freedom and flexibility - to create, to produce, to make an effort and a change, for the better, in society? A confidence in all our differences and different qualities?

Why go to work? – As we know work? Why not make work independent? Then, we can take that day off. We can even take more time back, and nature back, and freedom back - and still contribute to productivity and wealth.

By the way, did you know that British children, and probably many with them, are now spending on average less than one hour oustide each day... and then climbing walls, not trees. (1)

How to take care of nature, if we don’t even know how to love it…?

Thanks for following me on my journey!

Irene Brenna

CEO and Founder

Prinser & Prinsesser (1) BBC NewsNight - December 2017


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