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Do you remember that feeling…?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Waking up in the morning earlier than everybody else, when the house was still in quietness, the air smelling fresh, and the first signs of daylight through curtains playing on your wall. You could not wait. You just could not wait, to put your little feet down onto the floor, to step into another new day of adventures…

Your head so full of ideas. You hardly knew where to begin. Plans already made the night before. Ideas so big, and grander, and everything seeming possible. All the things to make, construct, explore. All the big projects to start. Realistic or unrealistic, it did not matter. Your imagination and courage had no limits. Deeply inspired by all impulses. The desire, to try something new, make something new, or try again. You felt so alive and free, and woke up fullest of energy and bravery…

Where did that feeling go…?

When the day felt forever long. No matter raining, sunny, windy or snowing, you had plans. Big plans. And, when going to bed at night, when legs were feeling tired, and your mum lovingly tucking the duvet around you, you felt so happy… And, could not sleep because of everything to rewind, everything experienced that day. It was overwhelming. Then, all new things to plan for the next tomorrow… dedicatedly….

Those were happy times…

Happy childhood memories...


What happened during all those years spanning from eager child to becoming an adult? What happened to the utter urge of being creative, exploring, and initiating big projects… ? It was killed… even NASA (1) says it was killed… they have seen it…. School killed it!

Apparently, our creative intelligence is at its highest before we start school. After that it drops… and drops… and drops… What kind of school is that? Are we not supposed to develop? Not un-develop!

Into academic studies and adult life, I started feeling a day had been worthless and empty, if I had not created something, anything, during that day. A feeling of being… incomplete. Maybe that feeling told me something important… something I should listen to…

I am trying to listen…

Are you?

Thanks for following me on my journey!

Irene Brenna

CEO and Founder

Prinser & Prinsesser (1) - December 2016


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