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Authenticity or fauxthenticity?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The little treasured things

Honestly, I thought starting a business was easier. Well, I know it is hard, but still, I believed it was easier. Maybe I am adding resistance to it. I am obviously doing this my way… Maybe to grow, to learn what I do not already know, what I did not learn at school. Maybe I am curious, stubborn. Resist to copy. Make my own choices. I have this passion for all things well made. It is in my character to love quality and to set standards that I do my best working to meet. If someone asked me… what I am doing, what kind of business I am running, what I am offering, I could not easily give an answer. It is meant to be experienced. To me it is a concept. An idea under construction and constant exploring. It has changed, and will change, because I do not want to get lost in routine, and I want the challenges. There are no frames, but flexibility. Wait, no frames, apart from maybe… The only word I can think of, describing and directing my business, is authenticity. The core of my business. The beating heart.

A company identity is who you are a as a company, montaged and fit to the market and competitors to make you look your best on the outside, even on bad hair days. Polished. Successful. That is what we learn to do in business school. It could be a façade. Opposingly, my little niche business is who I am, me, in which I am true to myself, in what I am doing. I am not perfect and I see no reason to pretend to be. I just express an identity, something real and already existing. I do not make anything up, I am just being myself. My values and vision is my company’s values and vision, displayed by transparency. I happily invite you to have a look inside, to see this. For a look behind the scenes, even glimpses into my private life, and to follow my journey as a mumpreneur. I intend to give you something more than just products to purchase. If I could manage to inspire you, by any chance to make your life a little happier, it would make my day, my work, feel meaningful. I want you to feel valued and appreciated. Maybe I dream of being that cosy little local old-fashioned store you see in movies, just around the corner, that you may like to drop by on your way to or from work, just for a look, or just to say hi, without feeling pressured to buy anything before you leave. Well, of course I want to sell my products, I do, and nothing makes me the more happy than seeing people like my range and designs, but I do not want to push a product to the customer, I rather want the opposite; the customer to come for the product.

What you see when visiting my pages is true content, true stories told. They are not fabricated with carefully selected keywords for the sake of optimizing search engine results, and attracting attention and visitors with tactics. No, the stories are written by me, as they come along, from my heart, from my wandering thoughts, from real moments in my life, and with my children, my family. The little things I just want to share with you, as they are.

What you see, are real photographs, not purchased perfect looking stock photos. They are just taken by me. Moments that somehow captured my attention, my feelings. The magic of a morning mist, a frozen lake, the first hepatica in spring that feels like bringing a new page to life, or an old crooked tree with all its hidden secrets untold. The photos are showing my life, my work, and is my work. However, the play tent images are by Wingreen, my now long time cooperation partner, being the designer and manufacturer of the tents.

What you may see in my photographs is true love for nature and the outdoors, and little everyday moments. All year around, with our beautiful distinctive seasons up here in the north, and no matter weather, I take the kids out, into the woods, and back to the nature, hiking, adventuring, exploring. We have our own word for this in my language, ‘friluftsliv’, which apparently does not exist in English. I am very grateful for the beauty of my country, and I believe happiness is in treasuring the little things to discover and to enjoy; our secret places, the hot chocolate by a camp fire, the times set free from time, the things we do together. We should invest the more in moments and in time, I think, not things.

What you see is my truly felt responsibility for our environment. We are living in a point in time where we learn to be the more concerned, to love our clothes and belongings the more, to choose shorter travelled or no-travelled, locally made, and even handmade. I believe in a need to change our way of thinking, and maybe do things a little different, in order to live happier lives and develop long-term values, like more love and care for nature. I have always cherished the preciousness of handmade, and I oftentimes get lovely handmade gifts myself. The things made by love, especially for us, with thought and care, I think it is so special.

What you see in my web store is my own knit and crochet pattern designs based on old handcrafts. I was luckily taught and enthused by both my grandmothers and my mummy. Probably inherited down from many generations back in time in the family. Now it is my responsibility to share it further. My designs are oftentimes inspired by my own children, and the cold Nordic days when nothing but warm woollen clothes help keep us warm. Timeless designs for children, in the hope to last, and maybe ending with a new owner when outgrown. Hipster style, as I believe in the strength of being ourselves, walking our own paths in life, following our own dreams and hearts, instead of copying and following everyone else all the time.

What you see is my hope to make a little difference. To children. To nature. To the future. To you. To encourage you to inspire children to find each their adventurous childhood world. Find the moments that may turn into their, and your, precious memories, to keep forever. Let the world astound them! Astound you! The only way I feel I can attempt to inspire, is to be genuine. By showing my own true love for nature and the outdoors, how I re-explore the beauty and the little things myself, through the eyes of my children, and my camera. By sharing my vision of living life a little bit slower, and taking some time and freedom back, by combining my passionate work with life. To show it is possible. I believe, at the end of the day, all life should be measured in is happiness.

What you see is what you found. Maybe because you looked for it. You found me, and my business, and I think that is incredibly wonderful! Especially as I do not like to advertise. I do not feel comfortable with buying your attention, your likes, your clicks, your following. No, I want to deserve your attention.

What you see is that starting and running a business is a journey. I am not to pretend being more successful than I am. I am not to masquerade, for credibility and legitimacy. No, I am not, because the reality is about difficulties, barriers uncertainty, vulnerability, tears, trial and error, patience, passion, dreams, faith, hope, happiness, being a mum – and to believe in what I am doing. It is about integrity.

I am deeply grateful to see people are following my journey as a mumpreneur, watching the true story as it goes along. I am glad to share with those of you who take the time to read. Thank you so much for following me on my adventure. It means a lot.

So, this is my business. My concept. In short, I think authenticity may describe it. Realness in all aspects. I chose authenticity, not fauxthenticity. However, the big question is; is it actually possible to run a business this way, or may I be facing authenticity as the major hindrance for growth? I will tell you more about that later.

Warm wishes,

Irene Brenna

CEO and Founder

Prinser & Prinsesser


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