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Time to Give In?

If I wish my business to endure, I have to make a choice. And there is no choice... Earlier this week, I listened to a podcast by Thomas Moen, a Norwegian social media guru, stating marketing strategy based on content and organic reach alone, will not be sufficient. And, it is worsening. Content is no longer king? The algorithm situation in social media is undoubtedly frustrating, when hardly reaching out to own followers. The challenge is not just to be exposed and seen, but also to engage (to get comments and likes). How to overcome this? To give in? I would feel that I have terribly failed. That I am failing you, and failing myself. It has been such a central business philosophy to me, to stay authentic and true to myself and my values, out of respect for you... Customer satisfaction is the most important thing. We are all annoyed by adverts. Why would I want to add more ads to the advertising wall out there, already overlaid? I don’t! I do not want to do that, at all. I have long been hoping forces behind Instagram and Facebook would refocus back to content, but no, sadly.

A point is reached, where I am feeling forced to start making paid ads, forced to become another ad in your feed. Forced to do like everyone else, and not act according to my own values. It is a sad fact, because I rather want to give, than pay, for your attention. Making content has always felt the more meaningful. But then, making content for hardly anyone to see... what is the point with that? The past few months I have stepped back from social media, to concentrate on making new designs, and to reflect upon how to approach the challenge of visibility. Moen’s podcast was quite enlightening, although I am not quite of the same mind. I have resisted this pressure for so long. You are people I do care about. I am grateful for your following. My aim is to give you what you came here for, and to inspire. But, how to be able to give you anything, if my postings are never displayed to you, even when you have clicked following? Instead of waiting for the world to turn fair, I may need to push myself out of comfort, and try to make the most out of this dilemma. Maybe see this as a milestone... I counted 40 patterns in my product range today. My store may start looking the more established now. I do not want to give up now, I should not, right? I feel there is so much left to accomplish.

So, I am not giving up, but I am giving in. Meaning, I will start making paid advertisements... I see no other way... in my attempt to try to meet your interests... Our shared interests... like to bring the kids back outdoors and into the forests, to make happy childhood memories, to maybe live a little slower and pause for the moments, to value the more sustainable, maybe the handmade and slow made kids fashion. I am realizing it is the only choice I have, to deal with algorithms as a small niche concept. I fear the world is kind of rushing off without me otherwise... No matter how strong I have tried to be, to resist, and stand behind on the platform. I have to step onto the train to the future now. Sometimes we have to go new places, and do new things. I will try my best not to disappoint, and to find my way in this, to please you best way. Your feedback would be very much appreciated along the journey. Never hesitate to contact me for sharing your thoughts. I would love to hear what adverts you would like to see from me. I mentioned I do not fully agree with Thomas Moen. What I meant, is that his 80/20 fraction of ads versus content may be the way to gain visibility, but, I think, not the way to build a business in the long run. I still believe effective marketing is more important than efficient marketing, in brand building, positioning, and to establish trust and loyalty. The business environment is increasingly competitive. For that reason, and on the contrary to Moen, I still believe content is king. People want content. Then content shall be. Content may just need a little advertising... My thoughts and my vision onwards. Thanks again, for following. I am the most grateful.

Irene Brenna

CEO and Founder

Prinser & Prinsesser

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