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Gifts for Children

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Inspire children to find each their adventurous childhood world.

- Where moments may turn into precious memories, to keep forever,... 

...as happy childhood memories

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It is a choice. Doing like everyone else, or being faithful to your own inner ideas, true to yourself, your values and heart. - To be yourself… I chose the latter… authenticity. Meaning, my business goals are my dreams and my business plans are my passion. I may be doing it all wrong. Deliberately.

But, I believe in a need to change our way of thinking, in order to live happier lives, develop long-term values and meet humanity's greatest needs when it comes to sustainability.

The children is the next. What if bringing shells, and pebbles, three magic acorns and a half eaten cone back into their pockets, the treasures by nature? What if bringing the fairies and trolls, the secret gates and the spell in the forests back into their imagination? The exploring and wondering back into their minds? The adventuring, wandering and skilful climbing back into their bodies? The nature's beauty and enchantment back into their eyes? The little things, and all things living, back into their appreciations? The precious moments back into their memories? - What if bringing nature back into childhood? What then?

Let the kids be wild and free again...

I have always followed my own paths in life. When my first child was born I wanted to combine my academic background, with the role as a mum. I jumped off the career carousel, and decided to established myself as a mum entrepreneur, for a more flexible and meaningful life. There is where it all started.... Prinser & Prinsesser...

I hope to be able to make a little difference. To inspire you to inspire. As an entrepreneur, I do feel a responsibility for a sustainable future on my shoulders.

Authenticty is a choice, and a challenge...

Irene Brenna



The Scenes

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I am mother of two, a boy and a girl. I cherish all the precious moments we share together, and how they teach me to see the world through their eyes. They inspire me every day, along with all the simple things, like a cup of hot chocolate or long walks with a camera in the beauty of the Scandinavian nature. How children approach life, reminds me of who I am, who we are as humans, the value of taking a little bit of time back, the moments, the love for nature. We should not grow out of that. We should not stop looking for magic, for happiness.

This is the inspiration for my business concept.

Welcome to follow my journey.

- Irene Brenna


the Journey